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2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Leslie Amos

    How are you distinguishing the feral cats from those village cats who have homes but are allowed out during the day?


    • That’s a great question. This is part of the reason we’re trying to get the word out about what we’re doing. When we do trap, it will be at night. Before we put out traps, we will put out a notice at each home in the village, letting them know and asking them to keep their cats in that night. We will have stopped feeding the feral cats for a day, making them hungry enough to take the food in the traps. So a house cat that was well-fed would be less likely to be tempted by the trap if it wasn’t kept in that night. If house cats have a safety type collar on, that would also be helpful. If you’re worried about your cat or know someone who is concerned, please send us a photo of your cat so we can keep an eye out when we’re trapping. You can email it to stephanie.etherington103@gmail.com. Thanks!


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