How to Help

As we become more established, our needs will become more defined. Right now, however, there are some things we know we need for sure:

  • people – if you can give your time or have skills to share, please let us know
  • your voice – help us get the word out – the more support we have, the more successful we’ll be
  • cat food – we will take pretty much anything right now, but ideally kitten food will provide needed nutrition for kittens and expecting moms as well as giving the other cats a little extra fat to prepare for winter
  • money – monetary donations will go towards the purchase of traps, veterinary bills, food, materials to make feeding stations, etc. (Cheques can be made out to Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project and sent to Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project c/o Stephanie Etherington Box 12, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0)

Thank you for even clicking on the link to get to this page – it shows you care! And thank you to those who are giving their time and support – we can’t do it without you!

4 responses to “How to Help

  1. Joanne L. Palmieri

    Lyndhurst, Oh. has no animal warden. There is a feral mother cat w/2 kittens in & our of our. We currently have 3 spayed/neutered cats for (10+ yrs) we care for w/help from retired animal warden–I have breast cancer & can not take on any more–Please help. Lyndhurst employs company who only with trap & gas ferals. We need your help. ! J.L. Palmieri


  2. Hilda Stone

    Hi can i get email to e transfer a donation! Please


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