New additions to the photo gallery!

Visit the gallery to see some more of the community cats of Lyndhurst. More to come as we get photos!


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2 responses to “New additions to the photo gallery!

  1. Nicholas Bray

    We have known the chap you have identified as Andy (with the folded down ear) for about 10 years. We’ve always called him Scruffy; I’m sure he has many names. We feed him breakfast and supper every day; on rainy and cold days he sleeps in our loft. In past winters, when it’s been really cold, we’ve brought him into the back porch for the night. A few years ago, he was very ill with a badly infected face; we got some anti-biotics into him and he recovered quickly after that. This past summer, we had a little orange pregnant female hanging around. She hid her kittens when they were born but showed up with them (4), about a month later. They were all very wild but we fed them and weaned them from her, and after a few weeks we were able to handle them all. So we enticed them into the front porch and got them to the Humane Society in Brockville. Mother and all kittens were subsequently adopted. Scruffy was the very proud father; he’d show up every day to look after them while their mum had a break.

    Three winters ago we took in a big orange tom cat, who was suffering very badly in the cold, and always scrapping with Scruffy. He is also a very gentle, friendly fellow, and has turned out to be a particularly clean, well groomed house cat.


    Nick Bray College Professor University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus 830 Prescott St. Kemptville, Ontario K0G 1J0 Tel: (613) 258-8336 x 61463 Cell: (613) 863 6925 Fax: (613) 258-8438 E-mail: Web:


    • Thank you for connecting with us and for all you do for the village cats! It’s so great to know how many people in our small village care about the strays. Please keep in touch!


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